Feature Roadmap

We’re always looking to expand on the features of, below you can see what the future holds for (Really) Marvellous Metrics. You also have the chance to vote on what you’d like to see in the plugin!

  • Full support for custom WP archive pages, search pages, and the index/front page of your blog.
  • Support for rich media interaction with platforms that support it (YouTube, Vimeo, player.js streaming services). It will have built in tracking for video plays, length of video played, pause times etc.
  • Dedicated mobile and tablet views (the plugin currently tracks mobile use as well but doesn't display it as seen).
  • Google Analytics integration. Send all your interaction data to Google Analytics. It will send over all custom events (not things like page views) to your set up GA account. We will also add support for multiple GA accounts.
  • Intelligent suggestion engine, the plugin will be able to analyze the structure of your page against the data stored and offer up intelligent, helpful suggestions as to any changes that could improve performance.
  • Page screen shots. Performance is key to us, on more complicated sites it would be more beneficial to use screen shots instead of the overlay. The plugin will allow you to generate screen shots on the fly for more complicated pages.
  • Custom tracker library. Whilst the plugin will continue to use jQuery for admin functionality, it will soon have it's own dedicated, dependancy free tracker library. This will massively increase performance as it will no longer require jQuery to be loaded on the front end. It will also allow the plugin to be cached more easily.
  • WooCommerce integration. Track product interaction specifics, abandoned carts, product conversions, checkout abandonments and more.
  • Advanced form analytics. Track how long users are spending on forms, fields, when they started filling in the form, how long they spent filling in the form before submitting and more.
  • Hosted stats. We know that data ownership is important but so is performance, the plugin will have an option to store stats remotely so that they don't affect the performance of your site's WordPress database.
  • Data filtering. We know that seeing the data you're looking for is important. The plugin will allow you to filter your data by date, campaign, location, and other metrics that have been recorded.
Which feature would you like the most to see?