(Really) Marvellous Metrics comes packed with all the below features

Made for WordPress

We’ve worked hard to make sure (Really) Marvellous Metrics feels like WordPress

Exit tracking

See when users are leaving your tracked content

Scroll depth tracking

How far your users are scrolling down the page is logged


Every click is logged, we even get the context

View tracking

Each and every view of your posts is logged

Form submissions

See how well your forms are performing

Form abandonment

Don’t keep forms that don’t perform, make sure you know the purpose

Form field abandonment

Each field abandoned is logged – make forms easier for your users

View time logging

See how long users are viewing your content for

Screen resolution

Know how much of your posts users are seeing

Geo data

Where in the world people are viewing your content

Interacted elements

What was clicked, where it was interacted with

Real time data

Every event stored is viewable immediately, no waiting for data

Easy to use

Install, activate, choose which post types you would like to track

Cookie expiration

Choose how many days to track visitors for

Summary dashboard

View your top performing posts straight away

Developer friendly

We’ve included loads of hooks and filters to customise your data

Device type

Know if your users are viewing on mobiles or desktops

Performance enhanced

Carefully built to not interfere with load times on your website

Export data

Export data to CSV  to use / migrate / backup

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