Frequently asked questions

Checkout our frequently asked questions about (Really) Marvellous Metrics (the plugin) here. Hopefully we can answer most of your questions here; if you can’t find the answer you were looking for please get in touch!

At the moment, the plugin is built with jQuery. The reasoning behind this was that WordPress itself is built with jQuery in mind and we wanted to leverage as much of built in functionality as possible. This allows for better performance.

At the moment the plugin will not function without jQuery. The plugin will try to automatically load jQuery if it doesn’t exist or it can’t be found. It will be run in no conflict mode and will be inserted into the footer of the page so that it doesn’t affect load times. This setting can be turned off in the admin area however the plugin will not currently function without jQuery.

In the future we will base the plugin (and any future plugins) off of a standalone library that we will create and control. At the moment, however, if you don’t want to use jQuery you shouldn’t use the plugin!

In the unlikely event of an issue please contact us using the ticketing system. Provide as much information as you can as well as any screenshots or visual aids so that we can figure out what’s happened.

Send us your considerations and we’ll definitely take a look and see if we feel they should be included!

We track by looking for what we call “intent to submit”. This means that someone has filled in the form and has clicked the submit button. This does mean that it’s not an actual complete submission but a log of a user clicking to submit the form.

We try to account for various indicators (required attributes etc) before logging the form submission.

99 times out of 100 it’s an accurate event log; we’re continually trying to improve upon this!

We have tested our plugin extensively with WordPress and the popular form plugins such as Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7 as well as page builders such as Elementor.

At the moment we don’t currently support plugins that work like Ninja Forms. This is because they don’t create their forms using standard form HTML markup which makes it very difficult to work with. We will look to add support in for this in the future. 

For one, we are WordPress experts with over ten years’ worth of experience working with the WordPress platform. We know the values, the code, and the ecosystem. We are able to make our plugins work within WordPress and to integrate with many of the common WordPress plugins such as Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, Gravity Forms and many more.

Data ownership is also one of our core aims to tackle. Most other services host and control all the data related to your tracking. With our plugin you own all of the data, none of it is hosted elsewhere.

(Really) Marvellous Metrics is also a lot cheaper than other services, one month of a competing service costs almost the same as an entire year of our early bird price!

In reality GDPR is unlikely to affect the functionality of the plugin as it doesn’t store any identifiable information. However, we have prepared a ready to use statement that covers what the plugin it does, what cookies it stores, and what it does with the data.

We have big plans for our plugin. We want it to become a go to resource for marketing on WordPress sites that we, ourselves, will use across any and all our sites as well. Future plans include split natively in WordPress, an engine that looks at your data and tells you want you can do with it, and implementing ways to segment and target groups with your content.

We will also be making constant improvements to the core of (Really) Marvellous Metrics so that it just gets better and better over time; maturing like a fine wine.

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