About The WP Marketing Company

The WP Marketing company was started because we love stats and analysis and how that ties into marketing, however we know that most people don’t. Everyone knows they need analytics on their website, but no one tells them what to do with all that information. Tools like Google Analytics are powerful but have a steep learning curve and require a lot of set up to get the really useful information.

We build software that simplifies day to day marketing chores in WordPress. We want to take as much work as possible out of trawling through stats or setting up tracking and allow you to focus on optimising your content and layouts. Better layout & content means better conversions!

Finally, we also believe in the WordPress platform and in data ownership and we like to think that our work reflects that!

About (Really) Marvellous Metrics

Interaction levels are key to every part of page and content layout. If people aren’t interacting with your content how you want them to then your website is meeting its purpose.

We looked out there and saw that there wasn’t anything that did effective tracking of interactions with WordPress posts. The available options out there were either very expensive or had restrictions on use (or a combination of the two). Not to mention that they weren’t built for WordPress…

Our aim was to build a plugin for WordPress that tracked the key indicators of post performance and would allow a tight integration with WordPress core features. We also wanted all data to owned by the website the plugin was installed on. Our plugins do not send any data anywhere else other than to your WordPress database!

With this in mind we created a tool that we were happy to use and quite proud of. Enough that we wanted to make it available outside of our company.

In the future we would like to expand upon the features of this plugin to make it even easier to work with the information provided, and to even give suggestions of what to do!